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    To help you save on your water and energy bills, we offer free water saving devices and advice to all of our customers. See our latest offers below and select the best free devices for your home.

    Product Installation Videos: If you want to see some of the free products in more detail and how to fit them, click on this link.

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If we supply your water you can order free water saving products:

  • Hippo 7 Water Saver

    Hippo 7 Water Saver

    Limited to 2 Hippo 7's per household

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    Hippo the Water Saver is the simple, proven and low cost water saving device to help conserve water in household toilet cisterns.

    This device is suitable for toilet cisterns of between 9 litres and 6 litres. It reduces the volume flushed by up to 2 litres

    To find out the volume of your toilet cistern, simply count how long it takes to flush; one litre, two litres, three litres etc. If it is between 9 litres and 6 litres you can fit a Hippo 7.

    Please note: ONLY SUITABLE for a toilet cistern with a flush between 9 litres and 6 litres (usually installed post-1993). Dual flush and slimline toilets are already water efficient and do not need any type of cistern device.

  • Save-A-Flush


    Limited to 2 Save-a-Flush per household

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    Save-a-Flush is a unique, easy to install, cost effective solution.

    The patented device is suitable for cisterns of 7.5 litres. It contains special crystals that absorb water and once placed in the toilet cistern swells over a 6 hour period to displace 1.2 litre of water per flush.

    Its environmentally friendly too. The bag is recyclable and the contents are biodegradable.

    To find out if your cistern is suitable, simply count how long it takes to flush; one litre, two litres, three litres etc. If it is between seven and eight litres you can fit a Save-a-Flush.

    Please note: ONLY SUITABLE for a toilet cistern with a 7.5 litre flush (usually installed 1993-1999). Dual flush and slimline toilets are already water efficient and do not need any type of cistern device.

  • Shower Timer and Card

    Shower Timer and Card

    Limited to 1 Shower Timer per household

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    Save water and energy!

    Whenever you shower you use water and energy - energy to heat the water and perhaps also to pump it. You have to pay for that energy through your gas or electricity bills and of course you pay for the water used. But there's not just a financial cost.

    As you use water you reduce the level in our reservoirs and aquifers, and the energy you use means more CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere.

    This simple, four-minute shower timer can help you cut down. Its strong suction cup that holds it fast to any non-porous surface, such as bathroom tiles.

    When the sand runs out you know 4 minutes is up and your shower should end!

  • ShowerSave


    Limited to 1 ShowerSave per household

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    ShowerSave Shower Regulator is a simple water saving add-on to your existing shower head assembly.

    ShowerSave gives a better quality shower while saving water and money by lowering the flow rate so that the right amount of water is delivered to your shower, neither too little nor too much.

    Reducing water consumption means that the energy required to process water is saved and that CO2 emissions are reduced.

    Simple to fit and an excellent way to save water and save money!

    Please note: NOT SUITABLE for electric showers.

  • Tap Inserts

    Tap Inserts

    Limited to 1 Tap Inserts Pack per household

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    No need to call the plumber. Install this simple tap insert and in no time at all, you'll be saving water.

    This unique water saving tap insert permanently converts up to 85% of taps with screwed outlets into a water saving aerated spray saving approximately 70% of water.

    Each pack contains a pair of inserts which fit most threaded taps, so you can use them on two different taps - saving you double the water and double the money!

    Suitable for hot and cold water applications and for mixer taps.

    Easily removed for cleaning and de-scaling if required. Its low cost and easy installation provides a simple solution to water wastage at the tap.

  • The NEW Fat Trap

    The NEW Fat Trap

    Limited to 1 Fat Trap per household

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    A fifth of sewer blockages in the region are caused by fat, oil or greas.

    It's easy to assume that the warm grease left in a pan after frying bacon or your Sunday roast would be ok to put down the sink and that if you wash it down with hot soapy water it will be fine. The reality is that the fat and grease will quickly cool and solidify, over time building up and blocking the drain or sewer.

    When ready simply ensure all fats, oils and grease are cooled to room temperature before carefully pouring into the Fat Trap. Between uses, wipe any excess from the surface and reseal with the label provided.

    When the Fat Trap is full, use the label to seal the top. Carefully seal in a bag to ensure against leakage and dispose of with your household rubbish.

  • Toilet Leak Detection Tablets

    Toilet Leak Detection Tablets

    Limited to 2 packets per household

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    Helps detect leaks from your toilet cistern in to the bowl.

    Save money and save water by detecting silent leaks with this package of 2 dye tablets. The dye tablets are used to simply identify leaks in the toilet that can waste water.

    Simply drop tablet in the toilet cistern and in a few moments you'll know if your cisterns leaking into the toilet bowl.

    There's no mess and the dye will disappear in a few flushes.

  • Water Saving Crystals 50g

    Water Saving Crystals 50g

    Limited to 2 crystal packets per household

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    Water well to activate the crystals, swells into a 'gel' that stores water!

    Dramatically reduce the need for frequent watering.

    Mix evenly with compost before planting out and water well to activate the crystals, which will swell into a 'gel', storing water that the plant roots can extract as required.

    Ideal for hanging baskets that normally dry out so quickly, and for newly planted areas or dry spots in the garden.

    1 sachet treats 10 litres of compost.

  • Water Saving Guide

    Water Saving Guide

    Limited to 1 Water Saving Guide per household

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    You really can save water, energy and money with this wonderful guide.

    Full of excellent water saving tips for the bathroom, kitchen and garden.

    Plus why not work out how much water you use in your home and try out the Severn Trent Water Use Calculator.